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First of all, what is the "Next Generation Mortgage?" It is the most innovative mortgage of the 21st century commonly known as an Off-Set mortgage or an All In One loan? It is a mortgage that has been engineered to benefit the borrower, not the banks. Essentially, it's a mortgage that combines home financing and personal banking all into one fluid account, unlike all traditional mortgages. By design it allows you to use your idle cash to “off-set” your mortgage principal balance, thus making it a principal first mortgage. This mortgage allows you to use your idle cash to work for by saving you thousands of dollars in interest cost. What would your financial picture look like if you could pay off your home in a third of the time, without changing your normal spending habits. Many homeowners who have switched to the off-set mortgage are now set up to solidify other future financial obligations like: college tuition, retirement, future health needs or real estate investing.