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I was recently describing MB Social to a friend who had not yet read it and asked, ''So, how is MB Social different from other local magazines? This got me to thinking about the changes we have seen in the print and social media fields over the last decade. The reliability of print is great but it was really missing the innovative connection of the social experience. That and most publications stick to the basic broad ranging themes of the year or sometimes get too stuck in the negative drenches of society. That is where we strive to be different. As a South Bay local, I have seen the amazing social experiences and connections that create the community of Manhattan Beach. Rather the events are business or entertainment focused, the residents truly make every interaction spectacular. Our town is charged with established individuals who are highly respected and admired for their work in different industries. Our residents have had unique paths that have landed them in our little beach town. Our job at MB Social is to share the stories, experiences, and expertise of these amazing locals to create an entertaining way to gain knowledge from our local experts.
Looking out at the market we want to be that courageous little magazine who fights to keep the fresh and independent spirit of Manhattan Beach.
From past to present, we look forward to bringing a little bit of Manhattan Beach into your mailbox monthly.


Inaugural Issue: Olympian Holly McPeak & "Her Boys"
March 2018 Issue - Walk With Sally founder, Nick Arquette and Family.
April 2018 Issue - MLB Player and South Bay Local, Morgan Ensberg