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Kamshield, LLC

Kamshield, LLC


About Us

Kamshield is a webcam cover that fits securely over the camera lens of your laptop, iPad, or tablet device, and it's the only way to guarantee that your private life on your devices stays secure. In today's world we are operating a majority of our work and social hours online, utilizing our webcams more than ever. With the Kamshield webcam cover simply slide open the webcam cover when using your camera and closed when your Zoom meetings or Facetime calls are over. With webcam hacking on the rise it is incredibly important to protect ourselves and our families from unwanted access to our devices. We lock our doors, have security systems in our home, however most of us don''t even realize that we are vulnerable through our webcams too. It is our mission to educate our community on the importance of covering ones webcam and to promote online safety. In addition to our product being a safe and easy to use. We have a wide variety of designs to offer. Just like a phone case, webcam covers are just another way we can showcase our personal style on our tech devices. From sleek and discreet designs to colorful vibrant ones, we have a webcam cover to fit everyones style. We offer a collection of Manhattan Beach inspired designs. We create and print our designs locally in Manhattan Beach and we can create webcam covers with your business logo or add any designs to our product line to meet the needs of each retail location.

Video Media


Gallery Image MB_Sunset_Pier.PNG
Gallery Image KamShiled_Product_I_3LA___Red_Bkg_SMALL.png
Gallery Image KamShiled_Product_CalRepublic___Red_Bkg_SMALL.png
Gallery Image KamShiled_Product_Marble_Duo_Bkg_SMALL.png
Gallery Image KamShiled_Product_Blue_Floral___Silver_Bkg_SMALL.png
Gallery Image KamShiled_Product_Yellow_Floral___White_Bkg_SMALL.png
Gallery Image KamShiled_Product_Glitter_Black_Bkg_SMALL.png
Gallery Image KamShiled_Product_Donut___White_Bkg_SMALL.png
Gallery Image KamShiled_Product_Paws_Black_Bkg_SMALL.png
Gallery Image KamShiled_Product_Wood___Silver_Bkg_SMALL.png
Gallery Image KamShiled_Product_Leather_Black_Bkg_SMALL.png
Gallery Image KamShiled_Product_Narwhal___White_Bkg_SMALL.png
Gallery Image KamShiled_Product_Unicorn___Silver_Bkg_SMALL.png
Gallery Image KamShiled_Product_Kitty___Silver_Bkg_SMALL.png
Gallery Image KamShiled_Product_Camo_Black___Silver_Bkg_SMALL.png
Gallery Image KamShiled_Product_Red_Camo_Black_Bkg_SMALL.png
Gallery Image KamShiled_Product_Camo_Army_Black_Bkg_SMALL.png
Gallery Image KamShiled_Product_Baseball_Repeated_Silver_Bkg_SMALL.png
Gallery Image KamShiled_Product_British_Flag_Black_Bkg_SMALL.png
Gallery Image KamShiled_Product_Football___Silver_Bkg_SMALL.png
Gallery Image KamShiled_Product_Soccer_Black_Bkg_SMALL.png
Gallery Image KamShiled_Product_Stone_Black_Bkg_SMALL.png
Gallery Image KamShiled_Product_Winky_Face_Black_Bkg_SMALL.png
Gallery Image KamShiled_Product_Jetty_Black_Bkg_SMALL.png
Gallery Image KamShiled_Product_Black_Black_Bkg_SMALL.png
Gallery Image KamShiled_Product_Kisses_Black_Bkg_SMALL.png
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Gallery Image IMG_4384.JPG
Gallery Image IMG_4391.JPG
Gallery Image IMG_4395.JPG
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