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Grades of Green

Grades of Green


About Us

Grades of Green provides students with the support and resources they need to discover their passion and turn it into environmental action. We differentiate our approach by offering personalized mentorship and hands-­on environmental leadership training through project­-based learning, including required civic engagement projects that actively work on environmental issues to create impact, today.

Working with schools across the globe, we are also able to pair students with other students from different countries, states and communities to learn, work and create solutions together. These future eco-­leaders not only expand their awareness of environmental issues and solutions but also learn to better understand different cultures and increase their ability to adapt to diverse situations through collaborative research and problem-solving.

Our History
Grades of Green began at Grandview Elementary School in 2009 through a group of forward-­thinking mothers who wanted to mentor their children and fellow students in creating a more environmentally friendly school campus and community. They introduced environmental activities such as composting, replacing paper with digital communications, electronic waste drives, and more. They created an award-­winning trash-free lunch competition that the students became excited about and took ownership of that resulted in a 70% decrease is lunch waste over the course of one year. The school began saving money by reducing waste hauler fees, energy bills, and more. Local students and schools heard about the program and asked for


  • Grades of Green has worked with 600,000+ students
  • Grades of Green has worked with students in 47 states and 27 countries

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