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Mark Olsen

Writer, creative director, rich digital media producer

Mark thrives on collaborating with others whether or not the term ‘creative’ is part of their job description. He believes that everyone, regardless of function, rank or status, is engaged in the highest, most seminal act of creation – that of creating their own lives and meanings. As a leader Mark prefers not to be the center of attention. Instead he elevates the work of others and encourages teams to set aside personal agendas and toxic competitiveness. He maintains a low profile, praises others, and celebrates the accomplishments of the team. His background spans mediums, platforms and products, including entertainment, storytelling, financial services, biomedicine, non-profit, automotive, oncology, tools, insurance, real estate, law, information technology, education, healthcare and hospitality. Mark spent 15 years with institutional investment manager Pimco, where he was a full-time, onsite communications consultant who worked closely with senior-level and C-suite executives on branding, events, social media, advertising, marketing, earned media, and corporate communications initiatives. During his time the firm’s assets under management grew tenfold from $200b to $2t. He holds master’s degrees in film production from the USC School of Cinematic Arts and playwriting from the University of Leeds School of English Workshop Theatre. Mark is a volunteer board member for several organizations and believes that his greatest collaboration ultimately will be raising a healthy, happy family.