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    Sheila Miller-Nelson Bio

    As founder and CEO of Speak and Present Confidently I am passionate about helping people become comfortable in all communication settings. While presenting is often thought of in the formal sense, presentation of self is an ongoing occurrence that impacts our relationships, team building and ultimately our success. There are few skills used so frequently and consistently, yet we often do not seek or receive training in these areas. As a result, many people feel uncomfortable and unsure.

    To help clients reap the benefits of remarkable presentation and communication, I combine multiple elements from my diverse background to create an interactive results-driven approach:

    · BA in Speech Communications

    · 17 years in aerospace, 10 as a project manager

    · 10 years coaching for Dale Carnegie

    · 2 years customer service manager for high end client

    · Certified sign language interpreter

    · SAG/AFTRA actress

    These experiences allow me to create a unique blend of training including emotional intelligence, self-confidence, dealing with difficult situations, interpersonal skills and team building to create growth while having fun. Yes, fun!

    Working together, I have helped hundreds of people achieve greater success in their communication, no matter their comfort level. My sensitive approach to clients quickly helps them alleviate anxiety and fear so they can focus on growth and success. Creating these good habits early is optimal and creates lifelong effects for my student and young adult clients. Corporate